Welcome! The Good Physician Project is an online curated library with a three-part mission to:

Link healthcare professionals and students to resources within the rich, continuing tradition of Christian thought on health and medicine.

Bring professionals and students to greater awareness of the larger community of Christians invested in the faithful practice of medicine, and to connect them with members of this community.

Foster ecumenical dialogue on the topic of faith and medicine across various Christian traditions and denominations.

The Good Physician Project is maintained by individuals at Lawndale Christian Health Center (LCHC), an inner-city Christian primary care clinic on the west side of Chicago. The initial funding for this project was generously donated by LCHC, and the project has its roots around LCHC’s curriculum for student rotations.


This site’s origins lie with two main observations about the world of Christian medicine:

First, that there are both many Christian health care practitioners doing excellent care in the world and many gifted Christian thinkers and academics whose work is directly relevant to the daily practice of medicine. Sadly, these two spheres do not interact with each other nearly as often as they ought to.

Second, many Christians in medical training have difficulty finding resources that guide them in integrating their faith with the practice of medicine.  The Good Physician Project aims to remedy these two problems by creating a space where practitioners and thinkers, students and professionals, and all those in between, can engage in fruitful mutually beneficial conversations.


This site is built around three areas: the Library, the Contributors, and the Network. The Library contains short articles, essays, chapters, books, and media files discussing medicine in light of the Christian faith. To help guide viewers through the vast wealth of resources available on the website, individual Contributors have also listed their personal recommendations. Finally, the Network links to other sites or blogs with helpful resources and contains a calendar of upcoming events and lectures.