Swinton 2

Swinton 2

Person-centered care isn’t really a method. It’s just a way of being with people. Within healthcare systems we can become quite task-oriented and instrumental in our practices. The idea of...

Swinton 1

When people become illnesses all sorts of unpleasant things can happen. You don’t listen to or respect illnesses, but you do persons.

Med as Min 4

Health can never be anything other than a secondary good.

Plato Charmides

Just as you should not to attempt to cure the eyes without curing the head, or the head without the body, neither should you attempt to cure the body without the soul.

The Healer’s Calling 2

Only health professionals who are grateful can be joyful. To be joyful is to be attentive to the profound meaning of the privilege or serving the sick and to be grateful for that privilege.

The Healer’s Calling 1

Health care, in the final analysis, is not about results… Health care is about being there with people in their finitude and doubt, in their pain and uncertainty.

End of Medicine

One might well ask whether we desire to live in order to live healthily and well, or whether we desire to be healthy and virtuous merely in order to stay alive.

How Shall We Then Practice 2

Along with all creation, medicine will ultimately be redeemed in the age to come. In the in-between time, it is our task to happily participate in God’s work.

How Shall We Then Practice

Medicine is there to restore what can be restored of health so that the person can continue to seek the fullness of life.

Hum. Tou. & Med.

A doctor needs to convey the idea that ‘I will always, always be there. I will be with you through the end. I will never abandon you.’

Health is Mem. 1

To be healthy is literally to be whole; to heal is to make whole.

Med. as Mins. 3

Christian ethics is personal; it is within that personal context that we must accomplish our tasks of ministry and healing.

Med. as Mins. 2

Health-seeking behavior is not death prevention; it is life enhancement.

Med. as Mins. 1

Health is to be sought in and for God, not instead of God.